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“Every winter has it’s spring” – H Tuttle

So far, here in East Sussex, the winter has been very unsatisfactory. With very few of our usual stunning sunrises but with tremendous amounts of rain and cloudy weather, interspersed with icy cold spells and strong winds, we’ve had little to celebrate. Yet there is still some beauty in the frost covered skeletons of winter plants.

Lawns are still covered with leaves and fallen branches and scattered with fungus and squelchy with icy puddles. The veggie plots are offering up little but leeks and some tiny Brussels sprouts – it’s hard to imagine spring and new growth and planting out seeds in time for the Rye Flower and Veg Show 2024. But acknowledging writer Hudson Tuttle’s saying (see above) and as sure as the world keeps turning we do still have spring to look forward to.

To cheer us we do have a few lovely events on the horizon, not least being Christmas celebrations.

We are also delighted to announce that we have applied for and received a grant from the Sussex Community Foundation which will enable us to continue with the show in 2024 and beyond and ensure that we will be able to celebrate our 20th year in style.

Keep an eye on the website for news about our 20th celebrations and new classes in 2024, especially take a look at the previous post to see information on the new class for Heritage/Heirloom veggies.

Helena, Shelley and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very warm and wonderful Christmas and all the best for a very happy new year.

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