Classes and Prizes 2023

Fruit and Vegetables

Class No. Class Name
1 One Cabbage
2 Three Onions
3 Six Shallots
4 Five Salad Potatoes
5 Five Potatoes other than Salad Potatoes
6 Six Runner Beans
7 Six Pods of beans other than runners
8 Three Courgettes
9 Three Carrots
10 Three Beetroot
11 Three leaves of Chard / Beet
12 Five tomatoes of the same variety
13 Five Small fruited tomatoes of the same variety
14 One Squash or marrow
15 One Heaviest Squash
16 One Cucumber
17 One Longest Carrot
18 One Longest Runner
19 One Funniest shaped vegetable
20 Vegetable not already mentioned in classes 1 – 16
21 A small decorative basket of mixed vegetables and fruit. Max basket size 30cm
22 Dish of hard fruit *
23 Dish of soft fruit *
24 Dish of stone fruit *
* See bottom of the Showing Tips page for the quantity of specimens to be shown in ‘Vegetable not already mentioned’ class & the number of specimens that constitute a ‘dish’ classes 22,23,24
25 Collection of herbs in a vase

Flowers, Foliage and Ornamental

Class No. Class Name
26 Dahlia – three stems of one variety
27 Dahlia – one specimen bloom
28 Three Ornamental Gourds
29 Roses three stems any variety
30 Roses one Specimen Bloom
31 Fuchsias five stems of one or more variety
32 A cactus or succulent
33 One stem of each of three foliage plants
34 Three cut stems of berries / fruit / flowers mixed or one kind
35 A collection of garden flowers (minimum of five varieties)
36 Annuals – three Stems one Variety
37 A display of garden flowers in an unusual container
38 A house plant
39 An Orchid


Class No. Class Name
40 A Tea Loaf
41 Six  Flapjacks your favourite recipe
42 Six Savoury Scones
43 A Cake to include a Vegetable and/or fruit ingredient
44 Six Cocktail Sausage Rolls with an interesting addition
45 Six Chocolate Brownies or Blondies
46 Jar Fruit Jam or Jelly
47 Jar of Marmalade
48 A Jar of Chutney
49 A Jar of Pickled Fruit or Veg


Maximum Size A4

Class No. Class Name
50 Our Feathered Friends
51 A Special Corner of a Garden
52 A Rye View
53 A Close-up photo of a Flower, Fruit or Vegetable
54 A well known Phrase or Saying


Class No. Class Name
55 Something made of Wool
56 A Painting (any medium max A4 excluding mount)
57 A Collage with a gardening theme
58 A  piece of Embroidery
59 A piece of hand-made Jewellery

Prizes and Awards

The Festival Challenge Bowl – highest overall score in the show

The Tate Trophy – best entry in the Fruit and Vegetable classes

The Turk Trophy – allotment holder with highest number of place points in the horticultural classes of the show

The RHS Banksian Medal – highest number of place points in the horticultural classes of the show (In accordance with RHS rules, any competitor who has won the Banksian medal in the last two years is not eligible to win this medal).

Prizes will also be awarded to category winners